Simple tips for saving fuel on the water

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As lakes, ponds and other bodies of water begin to thaw with spring approaching, many people are going to start getting ready for boating season. There are some things that need to be done before hitting the water, such as making sure boat insurance policies are up-to-date and that everything is de-winterized.

Once this has been completed, there are also some things boaters can do to improve their experience this season, such as take the necessary steps to improve fuel economy. Here are some tips that can help boaters get more out of a tank of gas:

Remove unnecessary items: Much like in a car, the more weight that is in the boat, the less mileage it will get out of a tank of gas. Before putting the boat in the water this spring, it is probably a good idea to go through it and see if there is anything that isn’t needed. This is especially true if the boat has been around for years, as junk can build up over time.

Change the fuel filter: When prepping the boat for spring and summer, it is recommended to check the fuel filter. If it is dirty or clogged, that means it was doing its job, but it also means it needs to be changed. Failure to do so can hamper fuel flow to the engine, which can hurt gas mileage. The standard is to change the fuel filter every 100 hours, which is generally the equivalent to once a year.

Clean the bottom of the boat: This may not seem like it is something that would impact fuel economy, but algae and other things that can grow on the bottom of a boat can add drag and create performance issues. One of those problems is reduced gas mileage. Before putting the boat back in the water this spring, people should be sure to give the bottom a thorough cleaning.

Get a tune up: Regular maintenance is something that can be done to keep fuel economy strong. This should be completed annually, and there is no better time to do it than when the boat is being taken from storage to be put back in the water.

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